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Do heat pumps work in cold climate?

Heat pumps can indeed work in cold climates. While there may be some misconceptions about their effectiveness in colder temperatures, modern heat pump technology has advanced to address this concern. Air-source heat pumps, in particular, can work well even in cold weather conditions.

Is it important to ask for a manual J 

A manual J is important for sizing heat pumps because it ensures that the system is properly matched to the heating and cooling needs of the space, resulting in optimal efficiency and performance. Manual J is a load calculation method that takes into account various factors such as the size and orientation of the space, the insulation levels, the number and types of windows, and the occupancy patterns. By accurately calculating the heating and cooling loads, Manual J helps determine the appropriate size of the heat pump and prevents oversizing or undersizing, which can lead to energy waste, discomfort, and potential damage to the system.

How much can I expect to save with my new heat pumps? 

Based on information from various sources, the amount you can expect to save with your new heat pump can vary depending on factors such as the type of heating equipment you are upgrading from and local energy prices.

By switching from fuel oil, propane, or baseboard heating to a heat pump, you could potentially save an average of $1,287 to $947 per year.
If you switch from an electric furnace to a heat pump, the expected savings could be around $700 to $1,900 per year.


Can any contractor get NYSEDA utility rebates 

Not all contractors are eligible to receive NYSEDA utility rebates. The eligibility criteria for NYSEDA utility rebates may vary depending on the specific program. Some programs may require contractors to be registered or certified with NYSEDA or meet certain qualifications. For example, the NYS Clean Heat program requires contractors to enroll and meet specific requirements to become NYS Clean Heat Contractors. High Peaks Heat Pumps is a NYSERDA contractor and has scored very high on every inspection on every install.

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